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​I started Wholefully You Nutrition & Health as a wholistic nutrition and health & wellness information service. I am a licensed and registered dietitian-nutritionist(RDN) with a Masters’ Degree in Food and Nutrition from New York University. I can assist you in living a healthy lifestyle with a focus on nutrition. Nutrition is important to health and for the prevention of disease. You need good nutrition to keep the physical body healthy, thus allowing you to reach your goals in life. The food you eat affects your health in either a healthy or unhealthy way. By the way: I understand and support plant-based/vegetarian eating and have been eating this way myself before studying food and nutrition.

I have medical nutrition experience in various disease conditions for adults and children. Some areas I have experience in include diabetes, heart, kidney, maternal and child nutrition therapy. I was also one of the early and rare RDN's training in the now functional medical model during its infancy before functional medicine's current popularity. 

In the areas of Wellness/Lifestyle -Mind-Body health, I believe that one's home and environment are also important to living a healthy lifestyle. I like to call myself a Personal Health Manager (coach).

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am also a licensed esthetician and an ordained interfaith minister.

Wholefully You Nutrition and Health is intended to be educational and informational. 

Eat Healthy, So You Won't Have to be Healed!

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