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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Welcome to Healthspirations. Timely information on food and nutrition is forthcoming.

Check out The Meaning of Health below:

Wellness or Lifestyle are the habits and activities you incorporate into your life that promote a healthy body and life. It can be anything from exercising, using environmentally friendly products for your body and home, or having a positive outlook on life. It's not just the food you eat but also having good lifestyle behaviors that give you a healthy body."

Come here to get news on whole foods and lifestyle that lead to a healthy body and life.



Healthy. Is it just a word? What meaning does the word 'healthy' have for you? Is it eating conventionally grown fruits and vegetables or organic fruits and vegetables? Is it engaging in aerobic exercise or doing yoga? Is it taking medication prescribed by a doctor or nutritional supplements . Is it going to the doctor only when 'something' is wrong and you need to check out what the discomfort is? Is it praying or meditating? Take a moment now and think what the word 'healthy' means to you. Think about what it is you do to manifest a healthy body.

Many people have not earnestly thought about what they do on a daily basis to manifest a healthy body unless asked. Many individuals are not practicing lifestyle behavior that results in a healthy body. Many people say they want a healthy body yet do not know what this means to them as an individual nor do what is appropriate to make health a reality. Instead, their daily health habits do not promote positive health expressions because of poor lifestyle choices. It was recently reported that only 3% of the American population truly practice a lifestyle that results in a healthy outcome. This is a paradox since, for more than twenty-five years, there has been an increase in the fitness and health phenomenon. My only educated conclusion is that it was this 3% that increased the health conscious of the population. One would think with the increase in health establishments and fitness practitioners, and the embracing of complementary health modalities, that the population practicing healthy lifestyle choices would be greater. Yet, it is not.

When you explore the baseline cause for hypertension, obesity, diabetes and cancer, for example, food is a common denominator. The food choices made can either promote health or not. To promote health, the food choices require change from poor food choices to good choices. What happens often in many cases is the person resists the need to change the diet, yet they want to be healthy. In essence, the person doesn't want to take responsibility for their health actions - in this case appropriate food choices - and the result is a body that is unhealthy.

There is only one way to have a healthy body and that is to take responsibility for your health choices and make adjustments that will bring about a positive health outcome. To manifest a healthy body also requires change or adjustment in the health-style behavior and the change or adjustment must be for the good. It all comes down to choice or free will - you must become the master of your actions and make the changes that will bring about a positive outcome. No one else can be healthy for you or make the changes or adjustments that will result in a healthy body but you. The health practitioner can only recommend a protocol that will help make health a reality. It is all up to you to implement the change or suggestions and work with the practitioner to make adjustments in the protocol if necessary until a positive healthy outcome is achieved.

Bottom line - it takes personal responsibility to have a healthy body and responsibility means change or adjustment in lifestyle behavior.

What health expression do you really want to manifest? -- one that is positive or one that is negative? If you need guidance in manifesting that healthy body, seek out a qualified licensed health practitioner. If you pray honestly and sincerely for the right practitioner that will best assist you, you will be lead to the licensed health practitioner that is right for you. If it is your diet that needs adjusting, you will be lead to an appropriate licensed nutritionist/dietitian. If you need to incorporate more exercise into your life, you will be lead to the right certified personal fitness trainer or program. If it's a doctor for a medical exam, you will be lead to the appropriate one. You must make the first step, though.

Now is the Acceptable Time for you to take charge of your health. Health begins with you and only you. The licensed health practitioner or health activity engaged in is only a path to achieving or maintaining a positive health outcome.

Ask yourself these questions regarding your health expression:

1. What does 'healthy' mean to you?

2. When do you know you are in a state of positive health?

3. What will you do to regain or maintain your health?

Answer these questions truthfully, and let Antoinette Aniton help you achieve your goal of expressing a positive health outcome. It is never too late to live a healthy and prosperous life. You are the master of your health expression.

To be continued...



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