Your Health Responsibility

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Your Responsibility to a Healthy Body.

Healthy. Is it just a word? What meaning does the word 'healthy' have for you? Is it eating conventionally grown fruits and vegetables or organic fruits and vegetables? Is it exercising, running, or doing yoga? Is it taking medication prescribed by a doctor or taking nutritional or herbal supplements? Is it praying or meditating? Take a moment now and think what the word 'healthy' means to you. Think about what it is you do to manifest a healthy body.

Have you earnestly thought about what you do on a daily basis to manifest a healthy body? Are you one of the many people who say they want a healthy body yet do not know what that really means to you? Are you one who jumps at any new diet and lifestyle habit that becomes “the new kid on the block”? In reality, do your daily health habits promote a less than optimal health expression because of poor diet and lifestyle choices?

It's been reported that only a small percentage of the American population truly practices a lifestyle that includes eating a healthy diet. This is sad since, for more than thirty years, there has been an increase in the fitness and health-conscious of America and the world. One would think with the increase in health awareness and the increase in qualified and lay practitioners and lay coaches eager to help (mostly through nutrition) a person be healthy (in a positive way), and with the increased acceptance of complementary health modalities, that the population practicing healthy lifestyle choices would be greater. Yet, it is not.

When looking at the baseline cause for hypertension, obesity, diabetes and cancer, for example, the food you eat is a common denominator. The food choices made can either promote health or not. To promote health, food choices require a change from poor food choices to good choices. What happens often in many cases is the person resists the need to change, yet they want to be healthy. If a particular eating pattern or health habit is pursued, often it is short-lived or done halfway, thus producing no significant results. In essence what i've found in my experience is that the person doesn't want to take responsibility for their health actions – for example, eating nourishing foods – and the result is a body that is unhealthy and promoting disease.

There is only one way to have a healthy body and that is to take responsibility for your health choices and make adjustments that will bring about a positive health outcome. To manifest a healthy body also requires change or adjustment in the health-style behavior and the change or adjustment must be for the good. It all comes down to choice or free will - you must become the master of your actions and make the changes that will bring about a positive outcome. No one else can be healthy for you or make the changes or adjustments that will result in a healthy body but you. The doctor or qualified health practitioner can only recommend a regime that will help make health a reality. It is all up to you to implement the recommendations and work with the practitioner to make adjustments where necessary until a positive health outcome is achieved.

Bottom line, it takes your personal responsibility, and cooperation, to have a healthy body. Period.

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