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Nutrition Assessment & Counseling

Nutrition -- A vital part of your health and prevention of disease. Nutrition is an important element in keeping the physical body healthy. Getting a Nutrition Assessment is your first step to seeing how your food affects your health. I can help you with a medical issue where the right diet can help you live a healthy life.


Nutrition can be your first line of defense in preventing disease from manifesting in your physical body. The food you eat affects your health in either a positive way or a non-positive way.


Let me counsel or coach you to achieving or maintaining a healthy body. Also, read my blog for useful tips on how to eat for optimal health.

Food and Nutrition

After a Nutrition Assessment, choosing the right diet or food is important to healthy living.


A Supermarket tour and lecture can be a successful addition to any counseling session. I call this service "The Wise Shopper in You". It consists of a Lecture and Tour -- In The Wise Shopper in You you will learn how to purchase whole foods, supplements and body care products. Learn how to read food, supplement, and body care labels; where to shop for quality foods, supplements, and body care products. Learn how to economize at a natural foods store, and more. This is a fun class and my patients and clients have found them beneficial in reinforcing the counseling sessions.  

The Wise Shopper in You is customized to address any health condition you may experience.  

Get information on a variety of food and nutrition issues and tips like food safety, recipes suggestions, and more. 

Lifestyle - Wellness



Food and diet are not the only areas to a healthy body and life. The products you choose to use on your body and in your home are also important.


Here you can learn what is health-promoting to your body and environment.

Mind-Body / Spiritual


The mind-body or spiritual habit you have is the capstone of a healthy body and lifestyle. As an Ordained Interfaith Minister I've come to learn that one's concern about their health ultimately leads to their mind-body/spiritual life. I've had this philosophy years before mind-body came into the health model. When I counsel someone on their diabetic or low salt diet, for example, I am in effect, without saying it in actual words, showing them how to keep the God of their belief body-temple whole and perfect.  

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