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Wholefully You Nutrition & Health is offered because of my passion to share information on living a healthy life to accomplish one's desires and goals through healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. I believe good health begins with a connection to your spiritual self and good nutrition and health habits is a way to make this possible.

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Nutrition & Food -- Nutrition and food are vital to your health and for the prevention of disease experiences. The food you eat affect your health in either a positive way or a non-positive way. Here is where I share how nutrition knowledge and the food you ear can be your first line of defense in prevention illness and disease. 

Wellness & Lifestyle -- Wellness and lifestyle are the habits and beliefs you incorporate into your daily living to promote a healthy body and life. Exercise, using environmentally friendly personal and home products, having a positive outlook on life, are just a few of the things that lead to wellness and a healthy body and lifestyle.

A Tower of Stones

Spiritual/Mind-Body -- I believe that achieving a successful, happy and healthy life come from one's connection to God or your Higher, Inner Self no matter what faith or religion or path you follow. This phase of life is important to achieving your desires and goals.


BTW: I am also an ordained Interfaith Minister through the New Seminary

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DISCLAIMER: The information on health and nutrition shared on this website is provided for information and education purposes only and should not take the place of proper medical advice or instruction from a qualified physician, or licensed or registered health professional. It is advised that you consult with your physician or qualified health professional on any matters related to your health and well-being regarding any information expressed on this website. You are encouraged to do your own research that is science and evidence-based from qualified physicians and licensed and registered health practitioners.

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