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Wholefully You Nutrition and Health



Health prevention is a 24-hour affair. When living a healthy lifestyle becomes the norm for you, practicing healthy lifestyle choices will be expressed automatically from the subconscious level -- just like breathing. Think of being healthy as living a life of prevention.



Health is positive or negative depending on what you do to express health in the physical body. Make wise choices and you will be healthy.


Don't ask God/Source/Creator for healing if you are not going to do what is appropriate to manifest health in your body. You have to give God something to work with to heal you. You cannot continue inappropriate behavior like eating the wrong food and expect a healing. It is a give and take situation - as you give (appropriate behavior), so shall you receive (health and healing from God).


Health is an attitude of the mind.

(Source: Your Health Responsibility by Rev. A. Aniton (c) 1984

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